A Hand to Hold's Confrere program focuses on compatibility.

Confrere (kän’ frer’) n. a colleague or associate.

Many seniors do not want to live in a retirement home but want to continue living in their homes they have worked hard to earn over their lifetime. Though they are limited in their abilities to get out and perform daily routines associated with home ownership due to physical and/or emotional conditions, we help these individuals maintain their lifestyle they have worked hard to earn.

These adults are also at higher risk of experiencing depression and loneliness as they age. So it is important to find a caregiver that not only takes care of them but also become a companion and friend.

The A Hand to Hold Confrere Program reduces the risk of social isolation and enables seniors to continue maintaining their lifestyle in their homes. This enables them to stay engaged and connected with their friends and community.

The A Hand to Hold team connects mature adults who have similar interests and experiences with our senior clients, based on their social needs. These peers are compatible and engaging companions for your loved ones and enrich their lives through social interactions.