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Are you searching for trusted and qualified caregivers for your senior who may need assistance living in their home? A Hand to Hold is the nation’s leading provider of Atlanta Home Care. We enable thousands of seniors to live in their homes they have worked hard to earn over their lifetime. All caregivers are qualified, trusted, and supervised by a Care Manager. Each Caregiver attends the A Hand to Hold University which trains them with assisting seniors throughout the aging process. We give you peace of mind your loved one is safe and secure living in their household.

Whether your senior needs Alzheimer Care, Caregiving, Care Management, Companionship, Disability Care at Home, and a caregiver from a Distance. We will give your senior the care they need to maintain their lifestyle in their homes. Our process is very different from other providers. We take a Holistic approach and first understand your senior and their story. We then put together a Care Plan for your senior to ensure they get the maximum care needed for their situation.

Frequently asked questions:

Who will be my contact person?

Your contact person will be your Care Manager who supervises the Care Givers. They will be in constant communication with your family and will ensure your senior is taken care of.

How can I trust these Caregivers?

This is the largest difference between A Hand to Hold and other Caregiving organizations. We complete extensive research on our caregivers and do not cut any corners. All Caregivers have undergone a national background check and are drug tested. Only one in twenty four applicants are selected as A Hand to Hold Caregivers. Your senior’s care is everything. You must trust the Caregiver will treat your senior with respect and be more than a Caregiver but be a companion.

How does it work?

A Hand to Hold is a professional led model. The senior and family have a Care Manager, a credentialed geriatric expert, assisting you every step of the way. The Care Manger oversees the care of the senior and keeps constant communication with the family.

Who compensates the Caregiver?

The Caregiver is paid directly by A Hand to Hold. Every Caregiver is insurance, drug tested, and have workers’ compensation coverage.

Does insurance cover it?

Most long-term care insurance policies cover A Hand to Hold’s services.

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